Freshman Principal

Freshman Principal

In her first year, too, Principal Jennifer Tyrrell welcomes freshman and transfer students to their first day as Eagles.

Students compare class schedules

Are you in my class?

Students compare class schedules on their first day as Eagles

Staff excited for new year

Excited for new year

Staff members are excited for the new school year.

Students gather in bleachers on their first day

First Day

Students gather with Principal Jennifer Tyrrell in the Eagle Gym on their first day at Sandburg.

Marching Eagles Welcome

Marching Eagles Welcome

The Marching Eagles drum line welcomes students as they arrive on buses for the first day of school.

A Message From The Principal

Greetings, Eagle Families and Friends,

Our staff and students have returned from summer break with noticeable excitement about the 2018-19 school year.  The beginning of the year has been extremely positive.  Many different people have asked me how my first couple weeks as principal of Carl Sandburg have been and my answer has consistently been absolutely elite!  We first welcomed back our staff and when we had the opportunity to meet with the entire group, I took the opportunity to share a bit about the things that are important to me as a person and as an educational leader.  I shared with them that developing relationships with all stakeholders will be the most important thing to me.  I also shared that we will focus on the Sandburg Experienceand that we will help each of our students maximize their experience at Sandburg in preparation for postsecondary plans.  Continue Reading


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TMA_RRRWe honor the past of those staff members and students who came before us.

We embrace the present by providing the best possible educational experience for the students entrusted into our care today.

And we create the future by preparing these students for what comes next and by assuring our schools are ready for the 6th, 7th and 8th graders that will be at our doorsteps in a few short years.

This is all done with a focus on  providing rigorous coursework that challenges students to grow. This is done by making what we teach relevant to our students today and to their future. This is done through relationships that encourage, challenge and support students both in their academic pursuits and in the sometimes challenging process of growing into young adults.

At the center of all that we do are our students as we develop Successful Schools for Successful Students.


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