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Positively D230!

Our district-wide collaborative focus makes a difference in student behavior.  To ensure that our buildings are safe and orderly, we call on all to help by maintaining our focus on the following areas:

Healthy Choices
  • I will think about how my actions impact my well-being and the well-being of others
  • I will advocate and support positive decisions
  • I will be engaged in my school community
  • I will utilize resources available at my school for myself and for others
Personal Responsibility
  • I will come to school ready to learn each day
  • I will be prepared for each class
  • I will arrive to class on time
  • I will use technology appropriately
Solving Problems Peacefully
  • I will think before I act
  • I will use appropriate language and volume
  • I will use social media appropriately
  • I will take advantage of school resources

Students, parents, teachers, and school officials are partners in helping to create and sustain safe and healthy learning atmospheres.  It is D230’s expectation that our schools will provide an environment of physical and emotional safety inside and outside of each of our schools.  We expect that there will be respect for the diversity of all students and staff, respect for personal property, and recognition that our schools will be places where students will be free from harassment, bullying, illegal substances, and gang influence.

Student Parking

Please note– parking at Sandburg is a Senior Privilege.  Parking passes will ONLY be sold to seniors.

In order to be eligible for parking privileges, seniors must meet the following requirements:

  • Have senior credits (14.125) and be in good academic standing.
  • Register as a member of a PARKING POOL; parking spaces are limited. Three seniors must share one parking space.
  • Completed graduation requirements of 24 community service hours by July 15, 2017.

Staff Directory

Mr. Andy DeCraene
Head Dean

Kathy Shutts
Administrative Assistant


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Anonymous Tip Line

Carl Sandburg High School has an anonymous tip line. The purpose of this tip line is to provide parents and students an opportunity to leave our Deans a message related to our school or students.  Please note that this voicemail is not monitored 24/7, and the District cannot guarantee an immediate response. If the tip is regarding urgent school safety/security or an emergency, please call 911 rather than leave a message on this tip line. Carl Sandburg Anonymous Tip Line - (708) 671-3100 x3222


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