Parent Handbook:  This is meant to provide you with all the information you need to know about EL and to make you more involved in your student’s education!  


School phone number 708-671-3100


Sarah Smith


Division Chair

Nicholas Fotopoulos

Ext. 3251

EL Lead Teacher

Nena Awad

Ext. 3801

EL Teacher

Elizabeth Broderick

Ext. 3523

Math Teacher

Michael Bruce

Ext. 3918

Health Teacher

Wes Gonzalez

Ext. 3860

EL Teacher

Ramis Habboub

Ext. 3232

EL Teacher

Fay Hnaihen

Ext. 3202

EL Program Aide

James Martin

Ext. 3803

Geography Teacher

Ewa Mroz

Ext. 3965

Science Teacher

Melinda Randolph

Ext. 3500

Math 1 Teacher

Laura Schmuck

Ext. 3926

EL Teacher

Colleen Silk

Ext. 3211

EL Teacher

Heidi Sims

Ext. 3917

Consumer Economics Teacher

Jennifer Ulrich

Ext. 3920

Social Studies Teacher

Pat Usher

Ext. 3568

Social Studies Teacher


Courses Available for ELL Students!


EL Levels 1 & 2 ONLY:

EL ANY Level

EL Level’s 2-4

EL Biology

EL Resource

EL Consumer

EL Algebra

EL Bilingual Resource

EL Government

EL Level 1 English

EL Health

EL U.S. History

EL Level 2 English

EL Level 3 English

EL Physical Science


EL Level 4 English

EL Geometry


EL World Geography


Links to Tutorials on how to navigate through Skyward to check grades,
find teachers, and learn about Sandburg news and announcements!  


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