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StaffJob TitlePhoneContact
Bobber, Kathleen Social Worker 708-671-3100 x3871
Clifton, Patricia Guidance Counselor 708-671-3100 x3146
Deyerler, Margaret Guidance Counselor 708-671-3100 x3140
Hawes, Erin Guidance Counselor 708-671-3100 x3147
Jarosik, Caroline Social Worker 708-671-3100 x3154
Johnson, Tom Guidance Counselor 708-671-3100 x3156
Malecki, Rebecca School Psychologist 708-671-3100 x4174
Matkovich, Matthew Guidance Counselor 708-671-3100 x4118
McFarland, Kristi Guidance Director's Secretary 708-671-3100 x3121
Miranda, Amanda Guidance Counselor 708-671-3100 x3149
Moran, Larry Guidance Counselor 708-671-3100 x3144
Murray, Rene Social Worker 708-671-3100 x3155
Musil, Nicole District Psychologist 708-671-3100 x4116
Ortiz, Hillary Title 1 Social Worker 708-671-3100 x3151
Parente, Jenna Social Worker Intern w/ Hillary Ortiz 708-671-3100 xN/A
Perez, Michelle Guidance Counselor 708-671-3100 x3142
Sheriff, Meredith Guidance Director 708-671-3100 x3120
Skach, Donna Guidance Counselor 708-671-3100 x3150
Stewart, Vanessa Registrar 708-671-3100 x3122
Strelow, Kristi Guidance Counselor 708-671-3100 x3143
Varley, Martina Guidance Secretary 708-671-3100 x3125
Vogel, Susan Guidance Counselor 708-671-3100 x3148
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