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Physical Education

StaffJob TitlePhoneContact
Airola, Sean Division Chair PhysEd/Health/DriverEd 708-671-3100 x3132
Balle, Martin PE Teacher 708-671-3100 x3833
Billo, Gregory PE/Drivers Education Teacher 708-671-3100 x3841
Carlson, Jamie PE Teacher 708-671-3100 x3859
Ciccarelli, Kara PE Teacher 708-671-3100 x3526
Clark, Kevin PE/Driver Education Teacher 708-671-3100 x3870
Fabianski, James PE Teacher 708-671-3100 x3887
Fahey, Kevin PE/Driver Education Teacher 708-671-3100 x3927
Fasel, Leslie PE Teacher 708-671-3100 x3842
Franta, Kelley PE Teacher 708-671-3100 x3515
Hellrung, Chris PE/Driver Education Teacher 708-671-3100 x3930
Hellrung, Suzanne PE/Health Teacher 708-671-3100 x3934
Klutcharch, Michael PE/Driver Education Teacher 708-671-3100 x3503
Kreis, David PE/Sports Medicine Teacher 708-671-3100 x3522
Morsovillo, Jim PE/Driver Education Teacher 708-671-3100 x3540
Niemeier, Matthew PE/Health Teacher 708-671-3100 x3215
Peters, Scott PE/Sports Medicine Teacher 708-671-3100 x3501
Plaisier, Scott PE Teacher 708-671-3100 x3555
Polz, Michael PE/Driver Education Teacher 708-671-3100 x3177
Power, Joan DC Secretary PhysEd/DrEd/Health 708-671-3100 x3162
Roberson, Jill PE Teacher 708-671-3100 x3909
Siebert, Eric PE Teacher 708-671-3100 x3589
White, Michael PE/Driver Education Teacher 708-671-3100 x3813
Wierzal, Lorelei PE Teacher 708-671-3100 x3817
Wilkins, Janine PE Teacher 708-671-3100 x3506
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