Students and Parents can access information on this page about School and Community resources.  Carl Sandburg has three social workers, one student assistance coordinator and two school psychologist on staff.  The social workers work directly with the assigned guidance counselor's caseload listed below.

Rene Murray- School Social Worker


Mrs. Murray supports the students assigned to Counselor Donna Skach, Michelle Perez, Margaret Deyerler and Tom Johnson.

Carrie Jarosik - School Social Worker          

Mrs. Jarosik supports the students assigned to Counselor Larry Moran, Amanda Miranda, Sue Vogel and Kristi Strelow.

Kathleen Bobber - School Social Worker      


Mrs. Bobber supports the students assigned to Counselor Erin Hawes, Patricia Clfiton, and Matthew Matkovich.

Jessica Kaffel - Student Assistance Coordinator


 Phone: Sandburg: 708-671-4119
            Stagg:  708-671-4119

As the Student Assistance Coordinator for Carl Sandburg High School and Amos Alonzo Stagg High School, Mrs. Kaffel assists students and families with drug and/or alcohol related concerns.  Mrs. Kaffel serves as a liaison with outside facilities and supports, and works closely with the entire Student Services team.

Rebecca Malecki - School Psychologist




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