Welcome to the Carl Sandburg Advisory Website. This program was created through the conjoined efforts of District 230 students, faculty, and administrators to aid freshman students in their transition into high school and beyond. All freshmen with a homeroom have an advisory teacher who will be their adult connection as they transition from junior high to high school. This advisory teacher will facilitate different lessons and activities to benefit students in the following areas: Academic, Social/Emotional Learning, Transitions, and College/Career Planning. Advisory teachers spend 2 out of the 5 homeroom periods each week to make connections with their students through individual meetings about grades and goals, group discussions, and group initiatives. There are also 2-3 First Class leaders (junior or senior students) assigned to each room that make connections through individual or group discussions and group initiatives. The first class leaders come to the class and interact with the students every Wednesday.

On this site, there will be book suggestions, worksheets, informational data sheets, and PowerPoint lessons related to our Advisory homerooms, and these resources can be used by parents to help benefit their students at home as well as in Advisory homeroom.

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